Pricing Guide

Our cake price is mainly determined by complexity of  design, technical difficulty and size of it.  Accessories added and presentation of a cake is also taken into consideration and we couldn't ignore amount of time involved in executing a design.

As a guide, you may refer to the starting prices below to have an idea of our cake pricing:

Cream Cake
Please contact us for details.

Fondant Cake (Round)
6" - From RM150
7"- From RM200
8"- From RM250
9"- From RM300
10"- From RM350
12" - From RM450

Starting prices above are based on round cakes with 2D design. Cake with other shape or addition of 3D figurines, sugar flowers or other items, premium flavours and fillings as follows would incur additional charges:
  • 3D figurines like farm or jungle animals, cartoon characters, bride and groom etc.
  • Sugar flowers like roses, peonies, orchids, ranunculus, magnolia, hydrangeas, lilies, daisies and fantasy flowers etc.
  • 3D items such as handbag, car, cosmetic, shoes, ball, toy, car etc,
  • Dark Chocolate Indulgence, Minty Dark Choc flavours, Light Fruit Cakes or other specially requested flavours.
  • Optional filling, nuts, mixed fruits etc.

3D Sculpted Fondant Cake 
(Cake sculpted into a shape of a particular animal, ball, vehicle, castle etc. and covered with fondant)
- Price starts from RM350

Fondant Cupcakes
We have 3 sizes of cupcakes, S, M, L but we use M size (5.5cm in diameter) mainly unless there is special request. The cup is coloured souffle cup which holds the cupcake better in shape and looks sweet and nice.

Each 2D cupcake (from RM6) and 3D cupcake (from RM15).
Each set of 9 pieces cupcakes costs from RM100 (include 1 pc of 3D toppers and the rest 2D).
Each set of 12 pieces cupcakes costs from RM150 (include 2 pcs of 3D toppers and the rest 2D).

* You may replace fondant  icing with buttercream and topped with sugar topper if you prefer buttercream instead of fondant

Buttercream Cupcakes
M size solo cup (about 5.5cm in diameter). Prices below are for simple buttercream design without topper:

25 pcs set - From RM85
50 pcs set - From RM160
100 pcs set - From RM300
100 pcs above - Please call for quote.

S size solo cup (about 4.5cm in diameter)

50 pcs set - From RM120
100 pcs set - From RM230
100 pcs above - Please call for quote.

* You may add fondant topper for buttercream cupcakes. Price subject to design.
* Individual plastic container or paper box available for cupcakes on special request and additional cost.

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