15 October 2015

Cute Safari Animals Cake For One Year Old Birthday

I made this safari animals themed cake for little Melanie and it was the second 1st birthday cake we had made for the family. Melanie's sister got our ever popular FF bears cake. Besides bears, safari animals can be equally cute in the right shapes and colors, don't you agree? 

I love the color combination of purple and pink. I used to mix blue and red or pink to get purple color but Americolor range of purple, I didn't have to do that and the purple obtained was clean and clear.  The trees were made of styrofoam inside, just poke it with satay skewers, they were ready to stand upright.

If you'd like to have a cute safari animals themed cake for your kid or to learn the making of the cake, feel free to contact us. Have a nice day!


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