16 September 2015

Three Ponies Cake

I love ponies. To make these ponies, it took me 2 days, they were much more difficult to make than I had thought of.  I was extremely happy with the result though. Every details count, especially their eyes, three of them had three different eye shapes, brows and colors. As we know, the soul of an animal is portrayed from its eyes, once its soul is 'created', it is alive.

I used a mixture of gumpaste and fondant to sculpt them, not the usual CMC added fondant. It helped to strengthen the structures, the ponies wouldn't fall in the process of drying and they would stand firm for a long time.

Modelling of sugar figurines is therapeutic if you're not in a rush to finish it off, that's the reason that I have always wished that I could have plenty of time  to execute a cake design. However, in commercial world, it's simply a luxurious dream for me. 

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