16 September 2015

New Peacocok Wedding Cake

The peacock wedding cake is so popular among Indians. This is our latest peacock cake design. Instead of gumpaste feathers, the client requested for 'real' feathers, she bought the features from Little India, Penang. 

The cake was decorated with lotsa sugar beads and stones. I tried to make them shine by brushing a layer of corn syrup on them. The peacock looked more natural as compared to my creation few years back, do you agree?

When I look at my cake, I tend to forget about the flavours of cake that I did. Perhaps I should come out with more interesting new flavours that would make an impact into my brain. 

Oh yeah, recently, I have finally included red velvet flavour into our flavour list. Also, we have this traditional pandan flavour added. Within a short period of introduction, the red velvet cake has gained some good comments from our clients. Red velvet plus cream cheese is simply killing to my own tastebuds, I guess you should give it a try too.

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