18 August 2015

21st Birthday Cakes - Make Your Dream Comes True


What kind of cake design would you like to have for your 21st birthday? I remember we used to have key shaped cakes many years back, hahah, it's old fashioned and outdated ya?

Yes, people would ask for something more trendy and fancy these days.  The youngsters today have their own thought and preference too, they would tell you exactly what they want.

I didn't get to do 21st birthday cakes often until this year. From fancy floral designs to musical theme, 21st birthday has become a more significant milestone in life.

If you have your own idea of 21st birthday cake, do share it here. I'd see if I get the chance of executing it.

I would like to do more boyish theme 21st birthday cake, e.g. cake with dream, I supposed it's an ambitious age, what would he like to be or do or own in the next 10 years?

Bring it up to his 21st birthday cake and let the cake remind him of what he wants and works on it. Isn't it a good idea?


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