23 March 2015

Adorable White Cat Cake For Valerie

Meow....are you there?

I looked back my cake pictures kept in my computer and found this adorable white cat cake. I remember it was shared on my FB page  as soon as it was picked up by Valerie's mum. It was special as it's the 2nd cake ordered for Valerie since her 1st birthday cake -- a baby dragon cake and the cake was designed by her mum, how talented and loving she is.

I tried my best to execute the sweet girlish design which includes a handcrafted white cat (I guess she has a name)  then there is basic stringwork with little heart decor surrounding the cake. It looks simple but absolutely lovely!

Valerie is definitely one of the luckiest kids in the world.

If you have any idea of design which you'd like to have for your kid's birthday cake, feel free to drop me an email. Let's work it out together and  leave your kid the most precious birthday memory......


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  1. Lucky valerie, and sweet mum that can bake this amazing cake for her little daughter,


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