15 October 2015

Cute Safari Animals Cake For One Year Old Birthday

I made this safari animals themed cake for little Melanie and it was the second 1st birthday cake we had made for the family. Melanie's sister got our ever popular FF bears cake. Besides bears, safari animals can be equally cute in the right shapes and colors, don't you agree? 

I love the color combination of purple and pink. I used to mix blue and red or pink to get purple color but Americolor range of purple, I didn't have to do that and the purple obtained was clean and clear.  The trees were made of styrofoam inside, just poke it with satay skewers, they were ready to stand upright.

If you'd like to have a cute safari animals themed cake for your kid or to learn the making of the cake, feel free to contact us. Have a nice day!


16 September 2015

New Peacocok Wedding Cake

The peacock wedding cake is so popular among Indians. This is our latest peacock cake design. Instead of gumpaste feathers, the client requested for 'real' feathers, she bought the features from Little India, Penang. 

The cake was decorated with lotsa sugar beads and stones. I tried to make them shine by brushing a layer of corn syrup on them. The peacock looked more natural as compared to my creation few years back, do you agree?

When I look at my cake, I tend to forget about the flavours of cake that I did. Perhaps I should come out with more interesting new flavours that would make an impact into my brain. 

Oh yeah, recently, I have finally included red velvet flavour into our flavour list. Also, we have this traditional pandan flavour added. Within a short period of introduction, the red velvet cake has gained some good comments from our clients. Red velvet plus cream cheese is simply killing to my own tastebuds, I guess you should give it a try too.

Three Ponies Cake

I love ponies. To make these ponies, it took me 2 days, they were much more difficult to make than I had thought of.  I was extremely happy with the result though. Every details count, especially their eyes, three of them had three different eye shapes, brows and colors. As we know, the soul of an animal is portrayed from its eyes, once its soul is 'created', it is alive.

I used a mixture of gumpaste and fondant to sculpt them, not the usual CMC added fondant. It helped to strengthen the structures, the ponies wouldn't fall in the process of drying and they would stand firm for a long time.

Modelling of sugar figurines is therapeutic if you're not in a rush to finish it off, that's the reason that I have always wished that I could have plenty of time  to execute a cake design. However, in commercial world, it's simply a luxurious dream for me. 

18 August 2015

21st Birthday Cakes - Make Your Dream Comes True


What kind of cake design would you like to have for your 21st birthday? I remember we used to have key shaped cakes many years back, hahah, it's old fashioned and outdated ya?

Yes, people would ask for something more trendy and fancy these days.  The youngsters today have their own thought and preference too, they would tell you exactly what they want.

I didn't get to do 21st birthday cakes often until this year. From fancy floral designs to musical theme, 21st birthday has become a more significant milestone in life.

If you have your own idea of 21st birthday cake, do share it here. I'd see if I get the chance of executing it.

I would like to do more boyish theme 21st birthday cake, e.g. cake with dream, I supposed it's an ambitious age, what would he like to be or do or own in the next 10 years?

Bring it up to his 21st birthday cake and let the cake remind him of what he wants and works on it. Isn't it a good idea?

23 March 2015

Adorable White Cat Cake For Valerie

Meow....are you there?

I looked back my cake pictures kept in my computer and found this adorable white cat cake. I remember it was shared on my FB page  as soon as it was picked up by Valerie's mum. It was special as it's the 2nd cake ordered for Valerie since her 1st birthday cake -- a baby dragon cake and the cake was designed by her mum, how talented and loving she is.

I tried my best to execute the sweet girlish design which includes a handcrafted white cat (I guess she has a name)  then there is basic stringwork with little heart decor surrounding the cake. It looks simple but absolutely lovely!

Valerie is definitely one of the luckiest kids in the world.

If you have any idea of design which you'd like to have for your kid's birthday cake, feel free to drop me an email. Let's work it out together and  leave your kid the most precious birthday memory......


15 February 2015

New Year Wishes

Bow And Heart Wedding Cake And Cupcakes Tower

Chinese New Year is around the corner, it's an important occasion for us Chinese. There is a saying, "一年之计在于春" which means a plan of the year should be made in the spring, the beginning of the year in lunar calendar.  So, I have better started to plan.

I have been planning to share my caking techniques but due to tight schedule, I could hardly make it happen. Perhaps it's time for me to put this plan in priority this year.

'Oh my! I caught a shark!' 1st Birthday Cake

I need to suggest more challenging cakes to my clients too in the hope of improving my skills. The air-brush machine that I bought last year is still kept in the store room, I wish I got the chance of using it on a commissioned cake soon. So, who likes to have air-brushed cake design, on a 3D cake perhaps? Please let me know ya...:)

Every good post needs good pictures. My photography skill has to be improved. I bought a better camera recently, hopefully I will put it into good use and do some styling on my cakes and desserts ?

Dibo And Bunny 2-Year-Old Birthday

My ultimate goal for this year is to share what I know about cakes via this blog, tutorials and also an e-book. I will do it step by step, if you like to learn anything about my cakes, feel free to drop me an email.

Last but not least, my new year wishes to everyone of you, Gong Xi Fa Cai, 洋洋得意,咩!

See you soon.



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