21 May 2014

Dragon Themed Children Birthday Cakes

Mulan And Mushu, The Dragon

Chinese have 12 zodiac signs to symbolize the characters of people born on  each particular zodiac year. These 12 zodiacs are rotating in a sequence every 12 years. For example, 2012 was the year of dragon and last year was the year of snake. 12 years later, i.e. 2025 would be the year of snake again. Baby born on the year of the zodiac would be baby of the zodiac. Thus, we are celebrating first year birthday of  snake babies this year and dragon babies last year.

Dragon babies are believed to be perfectionist, aggressive and determined. Most traditional Chinese like to have dragon babies as they believe the kids would grow up to be successful persons.  

Last year, we were too busy with the preparation of first year birthday cakes, why? That's the reason, as dragon year was a productive year, tee hee...

Hope you like these dragon themed cakes. Sorry for my procrastination. I have too many things in mind but too slow in action. If I were a dragon baby, it wouldn't happen, ha...ha...

I will feature snake year babies cake and cupcakes tomorrow, stay tuned.

3D baby dragon is hatching, beware!!

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