26 March 2014

Dumbo Themed Dessert Table For Baby Ian Herng

We made this dessert table for a friend's baby's full moon (or full month, 满月) celebration. It was our first dessert table and the theme was baby Dumbo! 

We were excited with our new venture. Designing and preparing a dessert table were something new and challenging for us. Hence, we were extremely careful in planning, matching the colours, desserts and types of containers, not forgetting the labels, picks, banners and poster etc before actually producing all the cake and non-cake materials.

It's a lot of work but we truly enjoyed the process. When every pieces came together, it was like an accomplishment of a project, you felt the joy and happiness!

Welcome to baby Ian Herng's full moon party. We had mini jelly cups and chocolates with personalized wrappers for the small and big kids.

And koo, a nonya dessert made of glutinous rice (skin) and sweetened shredded coconut is a symbol of health and longivity for Chinese, especially the Hokkiens. Hence, we thought it could be blended into the design of a dessert table for baby fullmoon party.

Red egg, another personalized dessert for baby full moon which symbolizes a blessed new life. We thought it was interesting to put the red eggs in a little basket stuffed with shredded colour paper, just like a nest, isn't it?

The spring of love, mineral bottle with personalized label, it will surely quench your thirst for love, hehe......

A very personalized Ian Herng's baby full moon's dessert table, hope you like it. 


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