13 August 2013

3D Train Cake With Simpson's Family And Animals, Choo...Choo...

I was so excited when I was commissioned this 3D train cake. When I was shown a sample of the cake done by the magnificent Australian cake designer Verusca Walker, I was quite thrilled and questioned myself if I was able to do it. 

The main challenge of the cake is to get sharp edges on the square cakes which make up the train cake. As I don't ganache my cakes or I should say I'm not used to ganaching a cake which was popular among Australian cake designers, I was wondering if I could get sharp edges on the cakes? Yup, I use buttercream to crumb coat and 'seriously' cream a cake in my own way  before covering it with a thin layer of fondant. 

I guess most fondant cake designers are challenge takers. So am I. I just accepted the order and figured out what I gonna do next.

The clients wanted to include The Simpsons figurines besides the circus animals. That's interesting, isn't it? Moreover, they liked to have road signs along the railway. Well, they asked and they got it.

The cake was actually meant for a birthday co-celebration for Cindy and Daemian, where Cindy was the aunt of Daemian, a one year old toddler. Cindy simply loved The Simpsons.

The clients said The Simpsons should lead the animals, so they were placed in front of the train and followed by the animals at the back. I tried to include as many animals as possible, even the penguins from Antarctica, hehe!

After getting sharp edges on square cake with my buttercream technique, I am more confident that buttercream can do wonder on sharp edges. 

The client was so kind to send us the group picture of their party. What a united and joyful family! Look at the T-shirt they were wearing, so cute!


  1. cute cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is a best cake for babies birthday. Really a great creative work.

  2. Very nice & colorful.

    It really looks tasty. I will surely try this.


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