05 June 2013

Keep Going

Hello, long time no see. I know I have been MIA but never know that it has been 4 months, so sorry! Time really flies, I should improve my time management, that's what my bestie has warned me, *grin*.

In fact, I'm still in the same scene of cake,  my everyday life couldn't run away from my job, sugar, flour and eggs, ya, I'm still a part time baker, chasing time till wee hours nightly and wake up with dark eye circles rushing to my full time workplace.

Luckily, mom is still willing to help me though she grumbles about my cakes everyday! *laugh*

Alright, I know I'm crazy but when I receive the compliments from clients and see smiles on the little faces, I will forget about my stress and  tiredness.

When there is new enquiry about the same 'complicated' and 'technically difficult' cake, I will say 'yes, why not?'

When a difficult task is taken twice, it becomes easier, thrice, more easier, right? And so,  I manage to keep myself going, though not by leaps and bounces, I'm growing......

With love,

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