17 June 2013

Corporate Cupcakes And Cookies - Versatile Treat For Corporate Staff

Cupcakes have been a trend of treat for the past few years. They are easy to be distributed to guests without cutting and messing up the table. Cupcakes are small, cute, neat and well accepted by adults and kids. From birthday party to wedding reception, cupcakes have never failed to impress the  guests with their design and set up. By arranging cupcakes on a tower or cupcakes stand, cupcakes can be very presentable.

Recently we have started to receive cupcakes order from factories. Corporate order of cupcakes can be huge and  fun. Besides logo of the company, the design can actually base on the theme of an event such as anniversary celebration, staff activity, product launching, award presentation etc. The possiblity is unlimited. As long as the event needs food to feed the staff, cupcakes can make their present.

The petite cakes are so versatile, lively and fun-filled. They would usually be grabbed up as soon as the event manager says,"let's start eating!" :)

You can have the logo, theme or quote printed on edible sugar sheet or edible image as we call it, paste or stick on the cupcakes. Besides cupcake, cookie is another wonderful decorating medium as well.  We like to match it with the cupcake as corporate gift to the staff.

Should you like to know more about corporate gift, just drop us an email. We can always customize it to suit your need.

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