13 August 2013

3D Train Cake With Simpson's Family And Animals, Choo...Choo...

I was so excited when I was commissioned this 3D train cake. When I was shown a sample of the cake done by the magnificent Australian cake designer Verusca Walker, I was quite thrilled and questioned myself if I was able to do it. 

The main challenge of the cake is to get sharp edges on the square cakes which make up the train cake. As I don't ganache my cakes or I should say I'm not used to ganaching a cake which was popular among Australian cake designers, I was wondering if I could get sharp edges on the cakes? Yup, I use buttercream to crumb coat and 'seriously' cream a cake in my own way  before covering it with a thin layer of fondant. 

I guess most fondant cake designers are challenge takers. So am I. I just accepted the order and figured out what I gonna do next.

The clients wanted to include The Simpsons figurines besides the circus animals. That's interesting, isn't it? Moreover, they liked to have road signs along the railway. Well, they asked and they got it.

The cake was actually meant for a birthday co-celebration for Cindy and Daemian, where Cindy was the aunt of Daemian, a one year old toddler. Cindy simply loved The Simpsons.

The clients said The Simpsons should lead the animals, so they were placed in front of the train and followed by the animals at the back. I tried to include as many animals as possible, even the penguins from Antarctica, hehe!

After getting sharp edges on square cake with my buttercream technique, I am more confident that buttercream can do wonder on sharp edges. 

The client was so kind to send us the group picture of their party. What a united and joyful family! Look at the T-shirt they were wearing, so cute!

11 August 2013

Peacock Wedding Cake Frenzy

We made 2 sets of peacock themed wedding cake recently, one to be delivered to UIE Plantation at Pantai 
Remis, Perak and the other one locally at Dewan Sri Mariamman, Butterworth. Both of the brides were impressed with our previous peacock cake and decided to commission us to make the same wedding cake for them. 

One of them even came all the way from Pantai Remis to make the booking, she ordered her engagement cake from us too.Another bride booked the cake 9 months in advance, the earliest booking we had ever received. We were overwhelmed by their response.

A garden wedding was held at UIE Plantation, it was an eye opener to us. The setting of the venue was truly a fairy tale. We were also impressed with the cake-cutting ceremony which was led by a 'long-legged' robot. It was so creative and interesting!

The above was delivered to Butterworth. It was our second time witnessing the gorgeous decoration done by the same company at the same hall. It was also our second time delivering peacock wedding cake and cupcakes to the same venue.

Why does Indian like peacock? In fact, I was told by my Indian friend that peacock symbolizes grace, pride and beauty. It is a bird of joy, so it's so meaningful to have a peacock themed wedding coupled with peacock cake and cupcakes.

Wish both the couples to have blissful and joyful marriage lives.

18 June 2013

2-Tiered Pororo Cake And More

2-tiered children birthday cakes are getting popular. I love to make 2-tiered birthday cakes too.

It offers  3 levels of space for decoration. I can put the figurines on 3 different levels without crowding the space and every figurines can be seen clearly. There are more sense of depth visually and the deco are more lively and attractive. The sizes of the cake tiers could be 6" and 8" for simpler design or 6" and 9" to accomodate more figuriens. Each cake can feed around 35 - 45 pax, so if you have a small party with close family members and friends, it should be just nice.

Whenever my clients ask for a cake with this feeding size, I would usually suggest a 2-tiered cake instead of a single tier 'big' cake  to them. Whatever theme you ask for, 2-tiered cake can be easily used as a platform to showcase it. It is so versatile!

Look at our 2-tiered Pororo cake, Baby TV cake and cutie animals castle cake, aren't you agree what I have written here is correct?

If you don't think so, please let me know the reason, hehehe!


17 June 2013

Corporate Cupcakes And Cookies - Versatile Treat For Corporate Staff

Cupcakes have been a trend of treat for the past few years. They are easy to be distributed to guests without cutting and messing up the table. Cupcakes are small, cute, neat and well accepted by adults and kids. From birthday party to wedding reception, cupcakes have never failed to impress the  guests with their design and set up. By arranging cupcakes on a tower or cupcakes stand, cupcakes can be very presentable.

Recently we have started to receive cupcakes order from factories. Corporate order of cupcakes can be huge and  fun. Besides logo of the company, the design can actually base on the theme of an event such as anniversary celebration, staff activity, product launching, award presentation etc. The possiblity is unlimited. As long as the event needs food to feed the staff, cupcakes can make their present.

The petite cakes are so versatile, lively and fun-filled. They would usually be grabbed up as soon as the event manager says,"let's start eating!" :)

You can have the logo, theme or quote printed on edible sugar sheet or edible image as we call it, paste or stick on the cupcakes. Besides cupcake, cookie is another wonderful decorating medium as well.  We like to match it with the cupcake as corporate gift to the staff.

Should you like to know more about corporate gift, just drop us an email. We can always customize it to suit your need.

Thanks for reading. 


05 June 2013

Keep Going

Hello, long time no see. I know I have been MIA but never know that it has been 4 months, so sorry! Time really flies, I should improve my time management, that's what my bestie has warned me, *grin*.

In fact, I'm still in the same scene of cake,  my everyday life couldn't run away from my job, sugar, flour and eggs, ya, I'm still a part time baker, chasing time till wee hours nightly and wake up with dark eye circles rushing to my full time workplace.

Luckily, mom is still willing to help me though she grumbles about my cakes everyday! *laugh*

Alright, I know I'm crazy but when I receive the compliments from clients and see smiles on the little faces, I will forget about my stress and  tiredness.

When there is new enquiry about the same 'complicated' and 'technically difficult' cake, I will say 'yes, why not?'

When a difficult task is taken twice, it becomes easier, thrice, more easier, right? And so,  I manage to keep myself going, though not by leaps and bounces, I'm growing......

With love,

22 February 2013

3D Chanel Cakes For Girl's Birthday

Undoubtedly, 3D fashion themed birthday cakes are girls' favourite. Chanel and LV are 2 most popular brands among all which are regularly replicated in the form of cakes.

Our highlight today is a set of Chanel's dinner bag and box commissioned by Billie. She looked so beautiful posing with her roses and Chanel cakes.

(Picture courtesy of Billie)

The cakes were quite heavy, the whole box, including its cover and the dinner bag was made of cakes. It must be real cool cutting them. Perhaps I should make myself a designer bag cake one day! :)


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