27 December 2012

Mommy Makes My Birthday Cake

It's holiday season. After making so many cakes in 2012, we at Mom & Daughter Cakes would like to slow down our pace and plan for 2013. We would like thank the support of all our clients, fans and friends for the past 3 years.

From baking cupcakes to birthday cakes and then wedding cakes, it's a journey of learning which is full of 
trials and errors. We appreciate the comments, compliments and even critics from our clients, you guys have brought us to where we ar today, thank you.

In 2013, we would like to start sharing some techniques of baking and cake decorating with you. We hope that more moms, mm..not necessary moms, it could be daughters or anyone with a loving heart to pick up basic skills of cake decorating such that they can make unique and personalized cakes with their own hands for their loved ones.

Look at these three cakes for little ones, if you could make them yourself for your kid, how nice, isn't it? "Mommy makes my birthday cake!" Your kid would be so proud of you.

So, stay tuned for our plan to come true in 2013. *smile*


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