09 November 2012

Owl Cake For 1st Birthday

I nearly miss out this owl cake. Not ordinary for a 1st birthday, Aurelia's mom asked for 'something different' for her daughter's 1st birthday cake. She thought of an owl at last after considering various whimsical choices.

Well, I was so excited to read that in her email. The owl must look beautiful, girlish and pinkish. The mom put so much hope on my creation. I told myself I wouldn't disappoint her. From the reference given, I tried to tweak and include other elements in the design. Colours play an important role in bringing out the design. I was cautious on that and hoped that the colours chosen not only matching with the theme but playing the magic.

The end result was pleasing and undoubtedly it is one of my favourite cakes thus far.


  1. Birthday cake is a part of the birthday celebrations. Many thanks for your post.I am very interested by reading this..
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  2. Hi this is Aurelia's mom. After so long and found this picture again, I was really pleased with the design and definitely love it and one of the best cake my daughter ever had. Too bad I now live in KL, otherwise I would have order from you every year. If there's a chance, I will definitely come back to you when there's a chance to celebrate my kids birthday in BM! Cheers and good luck in your business. All design looks so beautiful and artistic! Well done:)


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