17 August 2012

Fun Photo Session

Hi, long time no see. Sorry for the long absence. Not that I was lazy but was thinking of presenting something special for our blog or site. Besides showcasing our cakes and cupcakes, I wish I could share some beautiful outdoor pictures with you, just like what you see now, not only cakes but people in the pictures.

Do you play Tap The Frog game? If you do, you would recognize who they are, :)

Who doesn't know them? I made 2D version of Mickey and Minnie for my cupcakes, both were given to the kid models, a 3 years old boy, Pherng  and a 7 years old girl, Lina. They loved them, hehe......

They are laughing, so cute, just like.......

......the kids, thumbs up for the cupcakes, haha, thanks dearies......

Can't help to put up another picture of Mickey and Minnie, :)

After a session of 'hard work' in the morning,

Pherng: Let's eat!

Lina: Okay, hehe......

Special thank to Egg Photography for the brilliant shots.

Photography: Egg Photography
Model: Pherng & Lina
Venue: Taman Gemilang Playground, BM. 


  1. How beautiful!! The kids look so cute and happy! :-)

  2. Thank Uaik and Efthchia, yeah, they were so natural and their happiness was so contagious!


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