07 June 2012

Malay Wedding - Kek Kahwin Dan Kek Hantaran

As Malaysians, we appreciate the cultural rich society where our traditional costumes, food and festivals are distinctly different and unique among each others. Yet, we are able to live harmoniously as we respect each other.

Last 2 weeks, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to make Malay themed wedding cakes after doing quite a number of Chinese and Indian themed wedding cakes.

For Malays, the bride and groom need to prepare hantaran or gifts for each other during akad nikah ceremony (when marriage contract is done legally and religiously) which is held a few days or weeks before the elaborated celebration of bersanding ( similar to Western wedding day) when friends and family are treated.

I did 3 cakes with different theme colours each for the wedding ceremony (2-tiered turquoise wedding cake with a pair of bride and groom in Malay traditional costumes) and hantaran gifts (purple hydrangea cake for the groom and pink roses cake for the bride).

I tried to incorporate new elements in the cakes such as the Malay couple and the stripey side design on both the hantaran cakes. Purple hydrangea are also my first trial :)

My special thank to Zainab.for giving us the opportunity to make these lovely cakes for her cousin's wedding. Thanks!



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