14 June 2012

Minnie And Friends 1st Birthday Cake For Hayley

Hayley is 1! We did her full moon cupcakes when she was 1 month last year. How time flies! Justina is the proud mom of Hayley and a very friendly client of MND Cakes. She told me that Hayley had become a small fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons, especially Mickey and Minnie.

We decided to make Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy for her 1st birthday cake. I made the baby version of them as Hayley is still small.  They would appear like her peers.

I can't  stop staring at them after assembling them on the cake. I wish I could keep them for myself, hehe!

Hayley and mom were having a good time with friends and family. Look at Hayley, how happy she was!Thank Justina for sharing the picture.

Minnie and Mickey, they are forever young in every kid's heart.


11 June 2012

Pastel Colours On Children Birthday Cakes

Recently I start to fall in love with the ussage of pastel colours in children birthday cakes. They tend to leave an ever lasting impact on the cake design. You simply can't get bored of it by looking your cake pictures over and over again.

On health basis, pastel colours leave lesser colour pigments in icing too, though edible and FDA approved, these pigments are still considered chemicals, lesser is better, especially to the kids.

Hence, you may see a series of children cakes from us in pastel colours from now onwards.

Trying to do little flowers painting on the sugar fonts too. It adds girliness to the cake for Klaire, a 1 year old girl. Here's the whole cake, the toppers mimics Klaire's favourite soft toys, adding personality to the cake.

If you agree with the use of pastel colours on cakes for small kids, let me know by leaving a comment., ok?

07 June 2012

Malay Wedding - Kek Kahwin Dan Kek Hantaran

As Malaysians, we appreciate the cultural rich society where our traditional costumes, food and festivals are distinctly different and unique among each others. Yet, we are able to live harmoniously as we respect each other.

Last 2 weeks, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to make Malay themed wedding cakes after doing quite a number of Chinese and Indian themed wedding cakes.

For Malays, the bride and groom need to prepare hantaran or gifts for each other during akad nikah ceremony (when marriage contract is done legally and religiously) which is held a few days or weeks before the elaborated celebration of bersanding ( similar to Western wedding day) when friends and family are treated.

I did 3 cakes with different theme colours each for the wedding ceremony (2-tiered turquoise wedding cake with a pair of bride and groom in Malay traditional costumes) and hantaran gifts (purple hydrangea cake for the groom and pink roses cake for the bride).

I tried to incorporate new elements in the cakes such as the Malay couple and the stripey side design on both the hantaran cakes. Purple hydrangea are also my first trial :)

My special thank to Zainab.for giving us the opportunity to make these lovely cakes for her cousin's wedding. Thanks!


05 June 2012

Umbrella Cake - Hope It Rains Tonight!

Hi reader, long time no see, hope to catch up with you more this week.

Will it rain tonight? Emm..I don't think so. But, I truly like the idea of my client who had given me the idea of making an umbrella cake. It's for her best friend's birthday.

The umbrella was crafted using styrofoam, the rest was cake and sugarcraft.
This cake is so personal and full of character, her friend likes it very much, so do I, hehe......


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