03 May 2012

Vibrant And Fun-Filled Indian Weddings And The Cakes

We happened to cater 3 sets of Indian wedding cakes in a row from March to early April. These cakes include a peacock themed wedding cake, calla lily wedding cake and cream and gold blossoms wedding cake with a pair of bride and groom cake topper.

From the delivery of cakes to the venues and attending of Indian weddings, we got to know how important the wedding cakes meant to their weddings.

Different from Chinese wedding, the cake cutting session of Indian wedding started right after the wedding couple walked into the hall. The groom cuts the cake and feeds the bride and both of them would feed their parents respectively. It was a very warm session.

Chinese wedding pays less attention to cake cutting session, just cut and take picture, no feeding, so there're room for the usage of dummy cake which is a common practice within local Chinese community.

Anyway, at metropolitans like KL and Penang, more Chinese are influenced by the Western culture and start to use 'genuine' wedding cake or at least cupcakes tower for their cake cutting session.

This is a good sign for us as we got to make more wedding cakes which are so challenging yet interesting!


Back to Indian wedding, the whole event which is packed with cake cutting, buffet dinner, dvd show, champagne toasting, singing, stage dancing etc.is just like a vibrant and  fun-fillied carnival.

Hopefully I got the opportunity to make more Indian wedding cakes and time to attend more Indian weddings in future.

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