16 April 2012

Little Jayden's 1st Birthday Cake

Jayden's mom commissioned us a cake for his son's first birthday. She was so sure that she wanted her baby's figurine to be the cake topper. I told her that I could only try my best to mimic the topper with Jayden's actual look. She agreed and mms his picture to me.

What a cute and healthy baby his son looked in the picture! He looked like a grown up kid in fact. I like his red socks and dress too.

Since Jayden's Chinese horoscope is a rabbit, the mom liked us to do some rabbits to accompany him, so here's the picture of the cake. We were so happy with the result, I'd say Jayden looked 80% alike with the sugar figurine made.
Ok, I have been off to blogging for quite a while. I know I should blog more often. Will try to put up more pictures this week before I engage with more cakes next week. Stay tuned......

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