18 April 2012

3D Longevity Peach Cakes - For Your Beloved Parents

Since we made the first 3D Chinese longevity peach cake or Chinese bun cake, this cake design has become so popular. I would say it's our best seller so far.

I made one recently for a dad's 6oth birthday. His daughter, Cheryl ordered the cake from United States for his dad living in Bukit Tambun, Penang......that's the beauty of internet, it bonds family members around the world.

The dad loves calligraphy and having tea at his vegetable farm. I thought I could incorporate these elements into the main cake design of a 3D longevity peach.

The dad was so delighted receiving such a precious gift from his heartful children and Cheryl's kind words  (email) had made my day:
I really want to thank you for makign such a beautiful cake, especially in such short notice. I know my dad loves it because he announced it on his own facebook page to share with his friends (something he rarely did in the past & he's not a person who celebrates birthday a lot). He's keeping the ink stone & tea set as long as they can last. Thank you again for such lovely cake. When my mum reaches 60 years old (still a few years lahhh), I'll definitely look for you again. :)

Another longevity peach cake for a dad too. Figurine of an old man was handsculpted to represent the dad and 8 pieces of mini peach written with longevity wishes were enclosed.

This longevity peach cake was made for a mom in Penang, her daughter commissioned us the cake all the way from Australia. Instead of human, I made 2 bears to represent the mom and the daughter. A spoonful of love was fed by the daughter, :)

Our most popular design would be the portray of family members besides the birthday dad or mom as above. Each time I make these family themed peach cakes, I feel so touched to see how an old aged parent is treasured and remembered. It reminds me to love my mom and other family members too.

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  1. Such a beautiful work! I wish you could give us some tutorials. Great job!


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