15 March 2012

Special Wedding Package Promotion In Penang

When it comes to wedding, a GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER is able to turn that special moment into eternity via his miracle lens and senses whilst a gorgeous centerpiece, the WEDDING CAKE would leave the bride and groom a fond memory of life time.

As an effort to present you an affordable yet stunning wedding package which combines this two items, we decided to join Egg Photography from Penang in his effort to promote his wedding photography to you.

At Mom & Daughter Cakes, we do not tolerate to achieve highest quality of work.  We expect our partner to do the same. We have known Egg, the founder of Egg Photography for a long time. He was a renown journalist in local press and multiple amateur photography awards  winner. When he decides to step into the field of professional wedding photography, we do not hesitate to show him our full support.

I guess you're interested to see the work of  Egg Photography. Please feel free to visit and drop us an email if you have any enquiry about his work or our cakes :)

* The special packages only valid for weddings held in 2012. If you book before 30 April 2012, you may enjoy an additional 10% discount! So, hurry!  We can't wait to turn your big day into sweet memory of life time......

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