16 March 2012

Cupcakes Baking And Decorating Workshop - Mom In Action

Upon request, we include baking in our latest workshop at our studio. I drag mom to be my co-tutor as she bakes better than me, :)

Since we were very small, mom started to bake butter, sponge and chiffon cakes to feed her little ducklings - me and two younger brothers. Cupcakes had yet to be 'invented' at that time. To entice us, mom would slice the cake into small pieces and sprinkled with choc chips, raisins or smarties.

Today, kids are luckier to have these little cakes baked in small cups. Mom has since turned into baking cupcakes for her grandchildren. See, she can really bake beautifully!

I started to decorate cupcakes in 2008.

I sold out my very first set of cupcakes in April 2009. I had a sort of strange feeling -- a mixture of joy and contentment I guessed when I collected the payment from my client and looked at her smile.

I knew I should continue to bake, decorate and bring joy to the neighbourhood then.


These are parts of our students' work. I always believe everyone can bake and decorate. I tell my students so. Their work don't have to be perfect to touch the heart of whoever receives their handmade cupcakes.

It's the love channelled into the making of each cupcake that matters.

There is always joy to see the fruit of your own hard work.


When the cupcakes are presented to your loved ones.......tee hee.....

If you're interested to join the fun too, please check out our  Workshop  section for latest schedule. Thanks.

*Picture courtesy of Egg Photography.


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