03 December 2011

Toy Story Birthday Cake - Woody And Friends

This Toy Story fondant cake was done quite a while ago for a 4 years old boy's birthday but I missed to blog about it. How could I be so forgetful?

It's one of my favourite cake. My first time to do Toy Story characters too. I hope they look not much different from the actual characters. Let me introduce them:

 This is Woody, the main character, a cowboy pull-string doll. I love his clothes.

They are Jessie and the horse Bullseye. Both of them are Woody's good friends. How does Bullseye look? A bit dumb, right? I love Jessie's smile and her big eyes.

Hope you love them too. They were sent to Nathaniel, 4-year-old boy at Permatang Pauh, Butterworth, Penang. He was so excited to see his cake pals, :)

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