05 December 2011

Josephine's 21st Birthday Cake

Today is the last day of my off day (from caking).

Sort of missing my baking and decorating times when I don't have to. It's the other way around though when I have to . I wish I could sit down and blog for all my oustanding cakes and cupcakes.

Josephine's 21st birthday cake, a 2-tiered bird cage themed cake in pink and white was another favourite cake of mine. Sally, Josephine's mom didn't forget me when it came to her daughter's special day of her life time -- 21st birthday. She had given her daughter a very precious memory by doing her a sweet and lovely birthday party.

Josephine with family. There are also 21 pieces of special cupcakes plus 80 pieces of simple cupcakes prepared. All in pink and white in line with the party theme colours. Oh ya, the decoration was done by Creative Tropicana Sdn. Bhd. and pictures at the party were courtesy of the company.

I managed to capture pictures of the cake at home. Love the white bird and buttrflies. They look so pure. Pink is the favourite colour of Josephine.

Josephine and friends. How gorgeous they were.

Wish Josephine a happy belated birthday and a joyous 21st everyday!

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