04 December 2011

2-Tiered Clumsy & Gutsy Smurfs Birthday Cake

Clumsy & Gutsy Smurfs cake for Ayden. It's 2 tiered, top tier 6" round vanilla cake and bottom tier 9" square chocolate cake. Ayden's mom prepared Smurf goodies bags as well for his kindy's pals. On his special 'Smurfday', the Smurf boy Ayden was so excited!

This is Clumsy, I guess Ayden likes him the most! Ayden is 4, so the no.4 plate. Sugar balls were added to make the cake looked more fun!
He is Gutsy. Got to learn about this blue buddy only when Ayden's mom asked me to make him,hahah! This is the fun part of cake decorating, I get to keep a young heart while working out all these cartoon characters.

Thanks to Ayden's parents for coming all the way from Penang island to pick up the cake.

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