19 December 2011

Angry Birds Cake For 3 Years Old Ian Pherng

Made a 6" Angry Birds birthday cake for a photographer friend, Egg's son earlier. As expected, he had shot a series of gorgeous pictures of the cake. He told me that he simply loved the cake and even used the picture as his desktop's wallpaper, tee hee...

Take a look.

Ooh.....who is hiding down there?

Hey, I'm the blue splitting bird.

We're ready to party!

Waiting for the arrival of the birthday boy......

Yay! He's Ian Pherng, celebrating his 3rd birthday!

A big thank to Egg for his brilliant photos. 

14 December 2011

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Themed Cakes

After the post of 3-Tiered Minnie Mouse Cake earlier, another lady commissioned us to make it in single tier and red in colour for her daughter Adrine's 1st birthday. So, here it is. 

This is Mickey themed birthday cake for 2 years old Ricky. He loves cars and hence the side of the cake were decorated with 3 mini cars. Hope the little one would have loved it.

3 Piggies Birthday Cake For An Aunt

This is the second cake for an Aunt's birthday.  She got a roses cake with butterflies last year and now 3 piggies cake with a lovely message from Suh Shyan.

How sweet it is!

It's wonderful when you are able to touch one's heart. I believe the aunt  is a great person in Suh Shyan's heart.

08 December 2011

Christmas Cupcakes Decorating Workshop - 17 Dec 2011

Date: 17 Dec 2011
Time: 3PM-6:30PM
Location: Taman Impian, Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Limited Seats Avaialble (max. 6 persons)

We are conducting a special Christmas cupcakes decorating workshop next weekend. For those who is interested to present your loved one with a set of  Christmas themed cupcakes made by yourself, come and join us. You would pick up essential  techniques of cupcake decorating which is so useful to cheer up your family and friends.

For more details, kindly email us or call Amy at 017-4513293. Thanks.

05 December 2011

Josephine's 21st Birthday Cake

Today is the last day of my off day (from caking).

Sort of missing my baking and decorating times when I don't have to. It's the other way around though when I have to . I wish I could sit down and blog for all my oustanding cakes and cupcakes.

Josephine's 21st birthday cake, a 2-tiered bird cage themed cake in pink and white was another favourite cake of mine. Sally, Josephine's mom didn't forget me when it came to her daughter's special day of her life time -- 21st birthday. She had given her daughter a very precious memory by doing her a sweet and lovely birthday party.

Josephine with family. There are also 21 pieces of special cupcakes plus 80 pieces of simple cupcakes prepared. All in pink and white in line with the party theme colours. Oh ya, the decoration was done by Creative Tropicana Sdn. Bhd. and pictures at the party were courtesy of the company.

I managed to capture pictures of the cake at home. Love the white bird and buttrflies. They look so pure. Pink is the favourite colour of Josephine.

Josephine and friends. How gorgeous they were.

Wish Josephine a happy belated birthday and a joyous 21st everyday!

04 December 2011

2-Tiered Clumsy & Gutsy Smurfs Birthday Cake

Clumsy & Gutsy Smurfs cake for Ayden. It's 2 tiered, top tier 6" round vanilla cake and bottom tier 9" square chocolate cake. Ayden's mom prepared Smurf goodies bags as well for his kindy's pals. On his special 'Smurfday', the Smurf boy Ayden was so excited!

This is Clumsy, I guess Ayden likes him the most! Ayden is 4, so the no.4 plate. Sugar balls were added to make the cake looked more fun!
He is Gutsy. Got to learn about this blue buddy only when Ayden's mom asked me to make him,hahah! This is the fun part of cake decorating, I get to keep a young heart while working out all these cartoon characters.

Thanks to Ayden's parents for coming all the way from Penang island to pick up the cake.

03 December 2011

Toy Story Birthday Cake - Woody And Friends

This Toy Story fondant cake was done quite a while ago for a 4 years old boy's birthday but I missed to blog about it. How could I be so forgetful?

It's one of my favourite cake. My first time to do Toy Story characters too. I hope they look not much different from the actual characters. Let me introduce them:

 This is Woody, the main character, a cowboy pull-string doll. I love his clothes.

They are Jessie and the horse Bullseye. Both of them are Woody's good friends. How does Bullseye look? A bit dumb, right? I love Jessie's smile and her big eyes.

Hope you love them too. They were sent to Nathaniel, 4-year-old boy at Permatang Pauh, Butterworth, Penang. He was so excited to see his cake pals, :)


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