28 November 2011

Pororo Cake For 1 Year Old Zach

I wanted to do a Pororo cake for a long time. Finally, my dream came true. I propose a 2-tiered Pororo cake to a client who was going to celebrate her son, Zach's 1st birthday. She was so nice to say "yes!"

Yay! I googled for Pororo characters and even changed my computer's wall paper to Pororo and friends! Then, I sculpted out the figurines one by one and made them dancing, singing and clapping hands. See, how happy they are!

It is snowing yet they dance. Just like all kids love snow and rain.

Happy birthday to Zach!

My Cousin's Chinese Themed Wedding Cake And Cupcakes

My cousin was getting married. Mom and I made her a set of Chinese themed wedding cake and cupcakes in red, pink and white. I was in a rush until I had no time to snap the picture of the wedding cake at home. Worse, I forgot to bring my camera. These pictures were taken by my brother.

The cake was 2-tiered (6" + 9") with a pair of Chinese wedding couple as topper.  There were 100 pieces of cupcakes with 3 designs, pink gumpaste roses, red fondant embossed 'xi' (means double happiness) and red heart on vanilla buttercream swirl.

I guess my brother was in a rush too while taking these pictures *grin*.

It was my first time watching my cake being cut at a cake-cutting session of a wedding ceremony.

My niece posing behind the cake.

Finally, I got a full picture of the cake clearly. Thanks lady for the sweet pose. 

Wish my cousin a blissful marriage and happiness forever.

Angry Bird Cakes For One Year Old Bianca

This 2-tiered angry bird themed is one of my favourite cakes so far. The top tier is topsy-turvy and golden eggs are introduced. I like the colour combination, colourful but not complicated.

A red big one topper to symbolize the age of the one year old boy.

"Stealing my golden eggs? No way!" Gosh! The war begins.

The overall view of the cake. Love...love.. (hahah...a cake artist should love what she makes, right?)

Happy birthday to Bianca!

07 November 2011

The Only Female Smurf - Smurfette Birthday Cake

Do you know that the only female smurf is called Smurfette? I just gotta know about it after googling for the name of her. She was the topper of my last smurf cake for a little 3-year-old Yi Wen. I made a mushroom house as requested and it was a cake inside, not sugar. That means you can eat it without getting too sweet on your tongue.

I like the cake very much with the little details here and there. I hope Yi Wen loves it too. Happy 3rd birthday, gal!


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