20 September 2011

Red Roses Wedding Cake And Cupcakes

Red red roses, love! A set of roses wedding cake and cupcakes handcrafted and delivered to Flemington Hotel, Taiping. It was my first time driving so far to deliver and set up a wedding cake and cupcakes.

 In fact, I was just asked to leave the cake at the restaurant, they would do the set up. But, I was afraid that the person-in-charge might not understand the way the cupcakes should be displayed, I told him, I'd better do it, haha!

They prepared a pink metal stand for me, I saw it, and got my eyes opened big, "oops!" :)  No choice, I was hoping the overall view was acceptable, at least the colour of the stand matched the pink cupcakes and red roses, hahah!

A close up view. Love the red roses, I could have make them bigger!

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