16 September 2011

First birthday Is Always Special

All Girl's Sweetie - Hello Kitty Cake

Among all ages of birthay cake commission, I would say first birthday is the most popular.

Along our journey of life, we encourter quite a number of 'first time's and first birthday would probably one of the most precious, it's not only special to the baby but to the parents. It's a new bencemark of their marriage and love.

Hence, the parents could hardly miss the celebration of their one year old baby's birthday!

Tiger & Froggy Cupcakes

With the availablity of fondant icing on birthday cakes, parents can opt for more varieties, flexiblity and reality designs for their 1 year old kids nowadays. Cutie animals and cartoon figurines are the most demanded toppers on the cakes and cupcakes. The parents can ask for any design that they think of, not restricted to what have been done before or what have they seen. Yes!

Forever love - Minnie Mouse Cake

Current hotties - Angry Birds

 One year old baby's Zodiac - Tiger Themed Birthday Cupcakes

Get ready for rabbit next year, :)

If the parents have no idea about the design or they may be spoilt with choices, save the headache, pass it to the cake designer, hehe......

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