06 September 2011

Chanel 2.55 3D Handbag Cake

It's a 3D fondant cake, it's Chanel 2.55 in black.

I didn't really know about Chanel models,  when I was told 2.55, I thought what was it? A measurement or what?
It's a model actually. Luckily, I was given a picture as sample. I told myself, it's simple, not that difficult, I could do it.

But it was not the case. I faced one of the most difficult challenges in my cake decorating journey thus far. The making of Chanel 2.55's chain like belt was much tedious than I had imagined.

I had to redo three times to get what you see on the picture, no joke. Anyway, I learned a lot from this and I believe I could do much better if I am given a chance to make another similar bag in future, :)

Happy birthday to Serena and Pauleen, yes, this bag was meant for two lovely ladies.

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