28 September 2011

Money, Money Cake

Money, money, it's not about the price tag.......

Heard of this hit song? Hahah...a lady asked me to do a money cake for her man. Also, the cake was topped with a woman and a man, both of them love money, :)

I used edible images of real notes to give a realistic design. The cake is 6" in diameter and flavoured with chocolate. She loved it very much!

20 September 2011

Red Roses Wedding Cake And Cupcakes

Red red roses, love! A set of roses wedding cake and cupcakes handcrafted and delivered to Flemington Hotel, Taiping. It was my first time driving so far to deliver and set up a wedding cake and cupcakes.

 In fact, I was just asked to leave the cake at the restaurant, they would do the set up. But, I was afraid that the person-in-charge might not understand the way the cupcakes should be displayed, I told him, I'd better do it, haha!

They prepared a pink metal stand for me, I saw it, and got my eyes opened big, "oops!" :)  No choice, I was hoping the overall view was acceptable, at least the colour of the stand matched the pink cupcakes and red roses, hahah!

A close up view. Love the red roses, I could have make them bigger!

Love Boat And Piggies Cake - Starry Starry Night

Do you know what is the dream of your loved one?

It helps, it surely helps to customize a special birthday cake that touchs his/her heart. This is a good example.

The guy dreams of boarding a boat and watching the stars, she knows about it and so......after a few sms exchange, I managed to catch her idea and make this love boat themed piggies watching stars cake. She wanted to give him a surprise, so without notifiying him, I had delivered the cake to his house.

He was all smiles......:)

More views of the cake......

The guy's name on the float, happy birthday to him!
The name of the boat, Cupid I
The piggies couple in swim suits, sexy or cute?

16 September 2011

First birthday Is Always Special

All Girl's Sweetie - Hello Kitty Cake

Among all ages of birthay cake commission, I would say first birthday is the most popular.

Along our journey of life, we encourter quite a number of 'first time's and first birthday would probably one of the most precious, it's not only special to the baby but to the parents. It's a new bencemark of their marriage and love.

Hence, the parents could hardly miss the celebration of their one year old baby's birthday!

Tiger & Froggy Cupcakes

With the availablity of fondant icing on birthday cakes, parents can opt for more varieties, flexiblity and reality designs for their 1 year old kids nowadays. Cutie animals and cartoon figurines are the most demanded toppers on the cakes and cupcakes. The parents can ask for any design that they think of, not restricted to what have been done before or what have they seen. Yes!

Forever love - Minnie Mouse Cake

Current hotties - Angry Birds

 One year old baby's Zodiac - Tiger Themed Birthday Cupcakes

Get ready for rabbit next year, :)

If the parents have no idea about the design or they may be spoilt with choices, save the headache, pass it to the cake designer, hehe......

Purple And Lime Green Birthday Cake For Mom

What a wonderful purple and lime green birthday party table set up, right?

I didn't expect it to be so gorgeous when the daughter, Anis commissioned me to make her mom a birthday cake. Yes, she asked for purple, lime green and white, no other colour! Hahah! I thought these colour combination were real cool and the simple design approach was my favourite, that's all.

When Anis mms me picture of the cake about an hour after my delivery, immediately I said "wow", it was amazing! Not only my cake but all the treats or dessert displayed and the decoration were done in the same colours. Even the cupcake wraps were specially designed with purple and lime green with white polka dots.

A sneak peak of the cake on beautiful cake stand and I love the candy pops and the kueh in the container, is that kueh bangkit? I am not sure.

I would like to thank Anis for choosing our cake to be part of this gorgeous set up. Wish her mom a blessed and happy birthday too! Cheers!

P/S: Picture courtesy of Kertas Puteh by Anis. Feel free to check out the website at http://www.kertasputeh.com/.

06 September 2011

Chanel 2.55 3D Handbag Cake

It's a 3D fondant cake, it's Chanel 2.55 in black.

I didn't really know about Chanel models,  when I was told 2.55, I thought what was it? A measurement or what?
It's a model actually. Luckily, I was given a picture as sample. I told myself, it's simple, not that difficult, I could do it.

But it was not the case. I faced one of the most difficult challenges in my cake decorating journey thus far. The making of Chanel 2.55's chain like belt was much tedious than I had imagined.

I had to redo three times to get what you see on the picture, no joke. Anyway, I learned a lot from this and I believe I could do much better if I am given a chance to make another similar bag in future, :)

Happy birthday to Serena and Pauleen, yes, this bag was meant for two lovely ladies.


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