22 August 2011

Mc Queen Car Cake - On The Road In Penang

 "I want a 3D Mc Queen car cake." When I received this order from a lady from Penang for her 3 years old boy, I was overly excited. How long had I been waiting for the opportunity to sculpt a 3D car cake? Almost 2 years, :)

3D cake is challenging but the result is fulfilling if you manage to achieve the shape required. Due to the technicality of it, the cost of the cake is also relatively higher. But, I tell you , whoever receives a 3D birthday cake, especially the kid would surely remember it forever......

How lucky Yi Hong was, yeah, you can see his name written on the logo of the car and he is 3 now. Yi Hong also got his pals in school a box of cupcakes each. Hope they all like the cake and cupcakes specially ordered by his mom.

Happy birthday dear Yi Hong!

14 August 2011

Jungle Animals And Goofy Cake - Let's Go Party

I wouldn't call this a jungle themed birthday cake though it is actually modified version of my previous jungle themed birthday cake for children. Why? Because Goofy is here! :) And, this cake is meant for an adult.

It's a 2-tiered cake full of animal characters with the name of whom each animal represents stated. They are a group of chefs in real life actually.

A pair of hippo couple are happily bathing together whilst 2 monkeys are peeping.

Happy birthday to Andrew! Hope you like the cake, it's a special gift from your good friend Calvin.

09 August 2011

Angry Birds Cake For One Year Old Girl

Angry Birds frenzy doesn't stop but gets even hotter.

The mom of one year old girl Elise had commissioned us to do an Angry Birds themed cake for her daughter. Yes, why not huh? It's not necessary to ask for a tiger topper (most one year old kid's zodiac), ever popular Mickey or Minnie, Winnie The Pooh or other famous cartoons themed cakes. We can always introduce one year old toddler the latest trend via a birthday cake.

Four of the main Angry Birds characters. Though they are angry, they are supposed to be good birds. I'm not good at playing the game, used to lose at the initial rounds...hehe...

Yeek, the green creatures are the pigs always get attacked by Angry Birds. Sometimes, I pity them too. What have they done that they always get attacked?

Perhaps before I make the next Angry Birds cake, I should study the story behind :)

Thanks for reading. You may check out another cake of the same theme here and here if you're interested to have a 2-tiered cake for your kid.


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