23 July 2011

When Naruto Meets Angry Birds And Ameba Pico......

This is the cake.

It happened when a birthday boy has too many interests. The mom was spoilt for choice when came to the design and selection of cake toppers on her kid's cake.

Eugene, 10 years old, a very smart kid I presume as I saw the beautiful design he did in Ameba Pico game,  indulging in the game so much. Ameba Pico is an online game attached to Facebook actually. The player is allowed to design the look of a building the characters are residing or visiting. It's so new to me!

Eugene loves Angry Birds game too! So many kids, oh no, adults as well, are crazy about the birds nowadays! Eugene is no exception.

Anyway, his all time love is Naruto!

So, you see the problem. Which design would cheer up the boy?

The mom was in dilemma.

Why not we just make a 3 in 1 cake? It was a big relief to the mom when I told her about my idea. Well, there would be 8 characters on the cake, I tried to simplify the cake design and let the focus goes to the characters. 

Hope the kids like them, especially the birthday boy Eugene. Happy 10th birthday!


  1. Thanks Amy.
    YES!, he (Eugene) loves the cake.... He was so thrilled when he saw the cake, so does his cousins.

  2. Thanks Agnes, I'm so happy to hear that. When Eugene grows up, I believe he would still remember the cake and appreciate what his mom has done for him on his birthday :)


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