16 July 2011

Longevity Noodle Birthday Cake For A 80 Years Old Dad

Sometimes we thought we were creative enough but in actual fact our clients are more creative.

When I was given the freedom to do any design I like for a guy's birthday, I tried to catch his interest from his blog and did a ramen cake for him. Then, another girl saw it. She quickly linked it to the idea of longevity noodle and commissioned me to turn the ramen cake into his dad's longevity ramen cake as below, hahah!

See, what's the difference between this ramen cake and the previous one?

Yes, the Lovey Bears instead of doggies. There are 6 of them to represent 6 kids of the 80 years old dad, :)
Not only the kids wished their dad longevity but happiness as well, so the Longevity & Happiness inscription on the cake board and also the Chinese characters with the same meaning on the plague.

The ramen is also fuller this time as requested by the daughter. Chinese like fullness, which means prosperous, perfection or perhaps wish comes true......

Thanks for reading. More pictures to follow, stay tuned, ya?

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