30 July 2011

Baby Birth Announcement Card On Full Moon Gift Pack

Nowadays, full moon gift pack always come with baby birth announcement card.  It seems like a trend you simply couldn't resist and Bukit Mertajam, our neighbourhood parents have also jumped on the bandwagon. 

Baby birth announcement card is a way for a baby's parents to express their happiness on the arrival of their baby to friends and family and it's always a channel for them to showcase the baby's look and some little details such as weight, length and interest.

To fullfil the parents' requests, we at Mom And Daughter have since provided service of customized baby full moon announcement card when you order the baby full moon gift pack from us.

This is baby Benette's card with a little bird standing on rainbow cliparts design. Besides the baby's weight and length, the mom even gave us the details of his interest, i.e. listening to music, hahah!

Baby Hayley's birth announcement card with simple yet breathtaking design. I personally love it very much. Special thank to Justina for giving us the inspiration of design. The design idea was extended to the gift box and cupcakes as well. Pink, white and simple. Look at the little ribbon attached, how sweet it is!

Another girlish baby birth announcement card design. Baby Wi Xun was 3.25kg and 51cm during her full moon. The mom also favoured pink and white and simple full moon gift pack. We just customized to her delight. She was so happy during collection of the gift packs.

If you would like to have unique sets of baby gift pack with customized announcement card, please let us know. Cheers!

27 July 2011

Choo Choo Train Birthday Cake For 2 Years Old Jing Yuan

"Any train will do, not necessary it has to be Thomas Train." The mom told me.

Wow, great! I was so happy to hear that. It means I can create a train on my own. A more colourful train with loads of sweets would be my choice.
A traffic light by the railway. That's what the mom specially requested for. Not fogeting a no.2, the birthday boy's age, Jing Yuan is 2, yay!

"Hi, mom, follow me, I'm going to my sweet sweet land!"

How lucky is Jing Yuan! Both his parents were so excited with the boy's birthday and hope they had a wonderful celebration!

23 July 2011

When Naruto Meets Angry Birds And Ameba Pico......

This is the cake.

It happened when a birthday boy has too many interests. The mom was spoilt for choice when came to the design and selection of cake toppers on her kid's cake.

Eugene, 10 years old, a very smart kid I presume as I saw the beautiful design he did in Ameba Pico game,  indulging in the game so much. Ameba Pico is an online game attached to Facebook actually. The player is allowed to design the look of a building the characters are residing or visiting. It's so new to me!

Eugene loves Angry Birds game too! So many kids, oh no, adults as well, are crazy about the birds nowadays! Eugene is no exception.

Anyway, his all time love is Naruto!

So, you see the problem. Which design would cheer up the boy?

The mom was in dilemma.

Why not we just make a 3 in 1 cake? It was a big relief to the mom when I told her about my idea. Well, there would be 8 characters on the cake, I tried to simplify the cake design and let the focus goes to the characters. 

Hope the kids like them, especially the birthday boy Eugene. Happy 10th birthday!

17 July 2011

Piggy, Oh Piggy On Cupcakes Cake For Jessica's Birthday

For girls who love piggy, all piggy items would become their collection. I know this as I'm one of them. 

When Sally asked me to do a piggy cake for her youngest daughter's 19th birthday, a piggy lover like me, I was really excited. She expected a special design which I had never done for her before.  Frankly say, I was a bit tensed up, I needed to think out of the box.

The theme colour was again, pink. Hahah, it seems that both her daughters love pink. I did one birthday cake  for her elder daughter earlier in pink too.

So, ok, pink, piggy, how about the rest of the design?

Don't let the cake to look like a cake?

The scope is getting too wide for me then.

Ok, well, just let it looks like a cake!
So, here it is, it looks like a cupcake exactly and it's a cake, really :)

The main character, piggy. Sally told me that Jessica loved her though she didn't look any bit like her, hehe......

These are the dad, mom and sis piggies, happily dancing together to celebrate Jessica's birthday!

Happy birthday to you, dear Jessica! Glad that you like the cake.

16 July 2011

Longevity Noodle Birthday Cake For A 80 Years Old Dad

Sometimes we thought we were creative enough but in actual fact our clients are more creative.

When I was given the freedom to do any design I like for a guy's birthday, I tried to catch his interest from his blog and did a ramen cake for him. Then, another girl saw it. She quickly linked it to the idea of longevity noodle and commissioned me to turn the ramen cake into his dad's longevity ramen cake as below, hahah!

See, what's the difference between this ramen cake and the previous one?

Yes, the Lovey Bears instead of doggies. There are 6 of them to represent 6 kids of the 80 years old dad, :)
Not only the kids wished their dad longevity but happiness as well, so the Longevity & Happiness inscription on the cake board and also the Chinese characters with the same meaning on the plague.

The ramen is also fuller this time as requested by the daughter. Chinese like fullness, which means prosperous, perfection or perhaps wish comes true......

Thanks for reading. More pictures to follow, stay tuned, ya?

06 July 2011

Fashionable, Chic , Pink and Black Cupcakes

I couldn't believe I didn't post this set of cupcakes on my blog. Found it after ?? months.
It was commissioned by a young lady from UK for her best friend, Cassandra in Penang.

Cassandra is 21 now. She loves all things fashion, chic and stylish.

So, here're the pink and black themed fashionista cucpcakes with black handbags, gowns, heels, hand gloves, hat and birthday wishes for her.

The cupcakes were delivered to Kota Permai, Bukit Mertajam and it happened that Cassandra's father was my late dad's ex-subordinate and good friend, hahah! What a small small world!


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