09 June 2011

Tigger On No.1 Fondant Birthday Cake

Babies celebrating 1st birthday this year are mostly tigers, I mean their Chinese horoscope is tiger! So, who is the best candidate for their birthday cake topper? Tigger! Absolutely, as children simply love Winnie The Pooh cartoon series.  

And it's the baby's 1st birthday. The parents insist to have a No.1 shaped birthday cake for their little boy. Yes, why not? First birthday is indeed so meaningful to the baby and the parents as well. It's the joy of life, as the baby has gone through various stages of conception in mummy's womb to safe delivery and healthily growing up! What a journey!


  1. Wish u at PJ here. Would like to make exactly same cake for my baby boy. He will turn 1 this Dec ^.^

  2. I wish I could expand to KL one day, :)

  3. how much for the no 1 cake? can email me longgirl81@gmail.com. tq

  4. Wow this is nice. This is want i had for my son's 1st birthday too but just pooh by it self. And with his name on the cake too. But i really like this one too nice jod.

  5. Hi readers, thanks for your lovely comments.

    As I don't check the blog regularly, kindly email me at mndcakes@gmail.com should you have any enquiry about my cakes. Thanks.

  6. super :) i like it very much :))congratulation !!


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