10 June 2011

Miracle Does Happen When We Try

This is a special order for a guy working locally at Bukit Mertajam  by a sweet girl from other state. I am so excited each time receiving such order. Still remember how satisfied I was when I played the role of love messenger for the first time.

Each commission brings me different form of joy! I'd like to highlight this order as it brings me to deep thought about friendship and relationship. Just express our love and accept whatever the outcomes. We would never know what happens and miracles do happen if we try. 

See, how loving they are. Lovey bears, the mascot of Mom And Daughter Cakes, :)

    Say hello......

The girl has sent me a sms then......

dear amy...finally...! Actually..u r the miracle..! he's so hepi (happy)...In this 30 yrs of his life...this is his 1st time received something which is so adorable..unforgettable frm someone..Tht's wat he said..thnks a lot amy! Wish u more successful in d future..

How sweet! Thank you too, dear...

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