23 June 2011

Love You Days And Nights, Shiny Or Rainy

It's a set of lovely cupcakes commissioned by Andreen, a very sweet lady. It's for her 5th anniversary with her hubby.

"Love each other days and nights, whether it's shiny or rainy." That's the message she wishes to convey on the cupcakes.

Two lovey bears holding hearts to represent the loving couple. Sunshine, rainbow, flowers and butterfly...for shiny days and good time. Lightning, owl, stars and moon for nights and bad time, :)

No matter how the situation is, love is always in the air.

Glad that Andreen loves the cuppies very much.


  1. OHHHH MY GOSHHHHH, OH MY GOSHHHHHHH!!! Wow! I have to admit that this is one of the most stunning and beautiful fondant decorate cupcakes I've ever seen! I LOVE the colors, I love all the elements and I just love the total design! Totally fabulous! I can't wait to see more creations like this! I am inspired, Amy!

  2. Thanks Rylan for being so supportive. Really appreciate it. I wish to see more of your gorgeous designs too, you have been so inspiring! Thanks again,Rylan!


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