28 June 2011

No. 1 Manchester United Fan, Amosson

What is MUFC? I asked my client when she requested for a Manchester United jersey birthday cake for her nephew, an 8-year-old boy with MUFC letterings at one corner.

"MUFC = Manchester United Fan Club" 

How nerd I am! I did't know there was a club for MU fans.

But I know the famous MU logo. Who doesn't know? Hahah! The jersey needed the logo and a big 8! 

Amosson, the name of the lucky birthday boy!

When I reached the venue, I saw the boy and a few kids wearing red MU jerseys ready for the party.

"Yay! Yay! Yay!" The kids were so excited  when I showed them the cake! I was equally joyful too when I saw they jumped high and low because of the cake.

The picture doesn't tell it's size. It measures 14" x 12" x 2" , big! The flavour of the cake is vanilla  as per request. If you'd like to have a jersey cake for your football fanatic kids too,  give us a call, let us work the idea out.


23 June 2011

Love You Days And Nights, Shiny Or Rainy

It's a set of lovely cupcakes commissioned by Andreen, a very sweet lady. It's for her 5th anniversary with her hubby.

"Love each other days and nights, whether it's shiny or rainy." That's the message she wishes to convey on the cupcakes.

Two lovey bears holding hearts to represent the loving couple. Sunshine, rainbow, flowers and butterfly...for shiny days and good time. Lightning, owl, stars and moon for nights and bad time, :)

No matter how the situation is, love is always in the air.

Glad that Andreen loves the cuppies very much.

15 June 2011

Mario Cake And Thomas Train Cupcakes For Two Brothers

It's Darren's 5th birthday. Mandy ordered Mario cake one month back to surprise her kid on his birthday. It's vanilla flavoured butter cake covered and decorated with fondant.

Darren has a younger brother Ivann. He loves Thomas the green train. So, here it is.....the green train cupcake, choo......choo........

Mandy didn't forget the younger son when the elder one celebrated his birthday. Hope both kids enjoyed their cake and cupcakes sepcially made for them.

13 June 2011


Dear readers and potential clients,

Good news for all who love cake decorating. We have designed a series of classes for different interests and class schedule for July-September is released! Take a look at the side bar and email us to book a place for your desired class today.

Meanwhile, due to time constraint, sorry to inform you that we wouldn't be able to take any full moon and bulk order for fondant cupcakes from now until further notice.

Thank you for your support.


11 June 2011

2-Tiered Angry Birds Cake For Cayden

Guess I'm on Angry Birds frenzy!

Another Angry Birds creation for 3 years old Cayden. Let the pictures tell the story!

"I'm the strongest! Don't ever try to challenge me, piggies!"

"Ouch! Please stop!"

It's  rich chocolate cakes inside, milk free as the boy is allergic to dairy products, especially milk. There are a total of 11 pieces Angry Birds themed figurines on the cake. I was not asked to do so many but somehow I couldn't stop to hand sculpt one after another, hehe......

Hope you enjoy watching them as I enjoyed making them! Cheers!

10 June 2011

Miracle Does Happen When We Try

This is a special order for a guy working locally at Bukit Mertajam  by a sweet girl from other state. I am so excited each time receiving such order. Still remember how satisfied I was when I played the role of love messenger for the first time.

Each commission brings me different form of joy! I'd like to highlight this order as it brings me to deep thought about friendship and relationship. Just express our love and accept whatever the outcomes. We would never know what happens and miracles do happen if we try. 

See, how loving they are. Lovey bears, the mascot of Mom And Daughter Cakes, :)

    Say hello......

The girl has sent me a sms then......

dear amy...finally...! Actually..u r the miracle..! he's so hepi (happy)...In this 30 yrs of his life...this is his 1st time received something which is so adorable..unforgettable frm someone..Tht's wat he said..thnks a lot amy! Wish u more successful in d future..

How sweet! Thank you too, dear...

09 June 2011

Tigger On No.1 Fondant Birthday Cake

Babies celebrating 1st birthday this year are mostly tigers, I mean their Chinese horoscope is tiger! So, who is the best candidate for their birthday cake topper? Tigger! Absolutely, as children simply love Winnie The Pooh cartoon series.  

And it's the baby's 1st birthday. The parents insist to have a No.1 shaped birthday cake for their little boy. Yes, why not? First birthday is indeed so meaningful to the baby and the parents as well. It's the joy of life, as the baby has gone through various stages of conception in mummy's womb to safe delivery and healthily growing up! What a journey!

08 June 2011

Novelty Cake For Mom's 60th Birthday

I was told the mom loved to watch Taiwanese Hokkien series, drink Milo, buying 4D and planting flowers, the daughter expected something unique and novelty for the cake design so that she could show to the relatives at her hometown, Perlis who were not familiar with fondant cake during her mom's 60th  birthday.

This is the cake design that I came up with. It's a 12 inches round marble cake. All the cake toppers are edible and the Milo, sofa, table and television set were made by scarving cake into the shapes and wrapped up with fondant. In other words, they are actually mini 3D cakes individually but not gumpaste topper purely. The guests could just wallop everything without worries!

So, it's time to celebrate! Happy birthday to the mom!

05 June 2011

Angry Birds Are Flying To Penang

Angry birds frenzy is on. Not only on smart phone, internet, shopping malls but fondant cake and cupcakes as well. We at Mom & Daughter Cakes manages to jump on the bandwagon in time, :)

Love each and everyone of them. More Angry Brids to come, promise!


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