30 May 2011

Thank You, Mom

I've better uploaded cupcakes that I made for Mother's Day before Father's Day is reaching. A typical procrastinator I am, when would I get rid of this bad habit?

The first set I'd like to highlight was a set of cupcakes ordered by the daughters of our loyal customer, Sally.

I guess she didn't expect that she would receive the cupcakes from her daughters instead as she ordered for her birthday last time. When I saw how they thought of each other, I was so touched.

Then, I was asked to prepare some premade samples this Mother's Day but I didn't manage to. Anyway, there was a group of young ladies sent me a group order for the so called 'standard' Mother's Day cupcakes even though they didn't see the design. I was really thankful for their trust. These were the design I came out with......

Ziraffees, love them. The mom who received this was so happy and her daughter quickly messaged me to let me know about it. How sweet!

Another set of cupcakes with elephant mom and daughter. See the little heart that the ele daughter delivering to her mom with her trunk?

Tea and dim sum cupcakes for another mom. A close-up capture of the tea set. 

For my own mom, I wanted to make a 3D handbag cake for her but I failed as I didn't put it as my priority this time around, sorry mom...... Mom didn't complain though and helped me all the way......

Thank you, mom.


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