16 May 2011

Pink Dolphin Fondant Cake

Yes, a pink dolphin! If there were one, I'd love to see it.

A birthday cake commissioned by a group of friends for a young lady. She must be a nice girl I guess.

The wave. 3D.

I tried to use pastel blue and pink colours for the cake. They are soothening, just like the ocean, home of the adorable animal, dolphin.

The Chinese inscription carrying the meaning of birthday wish to the girl!

Hope she likes the cake.


  1. You said if there were pink dolphins, you'd love to see one? If you never did see anything about them, type Pink River dolphins into your search engine. If you've already seen photos by now, well, just enjoy them again! LOVE your cake!

    1. Yes indeed, thanks for telling me, I have seen it, the nature is such a wonder!


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