31 May 2011

101 Dalmatians Puppies Engagement Cake

Ya, the 101 Dalmatians puppies were not for sale, they were the cake topper of my recent cake specially made for my friend's engagement.

It was a rich chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate chunks and peanut butter, yum yum, my friend loves it very much! The cake has gone and only the toppers were left.

30 May 2011

Thank You, Mom

I've better uploaded cupcakes that I made for Mother's Day before Father's Day is reaching. A typical procrastinator I am, when would I get rid of this bad habit?

The first set I'd like to highlight was a set of cupcakes ordered by the daughters of our loyal customer, Sally.

I guess she didn't expect that she would receive the cupcakes from her daughters instead as she ordered for her birthday last time. When I saw how they thought of each other, I was so touched.

Then, I was asked to prepare some premade samples this Mother's Day but I didn't manage to. Anyway, there was a group of young ladies sent me a group order for the so called 'standard' Mother's Day cupcakes even though they didn't see the design. I was really thankful for their trust. These were the design I came out with......

Ziraffees, love them. The mom who received this was so happy and her daughter quickly messaged me to let me know about it. How sweet!

Another set of cupcakes with elephant mom and daughter. See the little heart that the ele daughter delivering to her mom with her trunk?

Tea and dim sum cupcakes for another mom. A close-up capture of the tea set. 

For my own mom, I wanted to make a 3D handbag cake for her but I failed as I didn't put it as my priority this time around, sorry mom...... Mom didn't complain though and helped me all the way......

Thank you, mom.


22 May 2011

Jungle Themed Fondant Cake For Children

I love to make 2-tiered cake, especially novelty cake for children.

This jungle themed birthday cake for Ayden is a good example. Since the 'Jungle Book' cupcakes that I made last year, I've been waiting for an opportunity to make them in 3D form and cake version.  So, hehe....my wish is granted. 

The tiger, not Tigger, but as thin. I should have fed him more.

The hippo and friends , two monkeys hiding in the bushes.

King of the jungle, the lion!

What is the ziraffe doing? Staring at a big old tree that I painstakingly painted with edible dust and gel colour! She's hungry!

Happy birthday to the 4-year-old lucky boy! Hope the cake would leave him a wonderful lifetime memory.

20 May 2011

Indian Themed Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

It's my very first Indian themed wedding cake, made up of 2 heart shaped fondant cakes and topped with a flower bouquet using stocking flowers and peacock feathers.

Side Design. The pieces were cut and hand painted with edible colours and dust. Lotsa dots there. All piped.

The cake was sent to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Berapit, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
 The stage arrangement of the wedding. 3 statues of Lord Ganeshas sitting right in front of the stage.
It's such a wonderful wedding party.

The cake at the site. Again, we see another Lord Ganesha. The cake sat besides only, what an honour!

Wish the bride and groom a blessed and blissful wedding.

16 May 2011

Pink Dolphin Fondant Cake

Yes, a pink dolphin! If there were one, I'd love to see it.

A birthday cake commissioned by a group of friends for a young lady. She must be a nice girl I guess.

The wave. 3D.

I tried to use pastel blue and pink colours for the cake. They are soothening, just like the ocean, home of the adorable animal, dolphin.

The Chinese inscription carrying the meaning of birthday wish to the girl!

Hope she likes the cake.

05 May 2011

Cupcakes, I Mean Cakes For Babies

I always think that cupcakes are meant for babies looking at their petiteness.

Though I am wrong, as you can see cupcakes have become a trend for birthday celebration among all age groups, I still prefer to make a few cupcakes accompanying a birthday cake for baby shower or 1-year-old birthday.

Babies would touch and even put into their mouths whatever they encounter, a sugar teddy or any animal toppers would just fit the theme. "Now you see it, now you don't! " Be prepared for that, your baby would love the sugar toppers! But rest assure, they are edible.


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