29 March 2011

5-Tiered Wedding Cake - Mice Party In Penang!

I was so honored to be given the opportunity to make such a fun and whimsical mice and cheese themed wedding cake by a couple staying in Johor and coming back to the bride's hometown, Penang for the wedding celebration.

It is a 5-tiered wedding cake with chocolate, vanilla and marble flavors. I was asked to make only 2 wedding mice couple but I made an extra of 6 mice, all because of fun. I like the wedding cake to look like a mice party, everyone is celebrating, every mice is having fun.

The wedding cake was delivered to Royal Hotel, Penang.

Oh, I love the mice! Look at their eyes, they were still blind, :)

My brother helped me to put up the leaves and mom assists me to sculpt the blackcurrants. I managed to finish the cake in time though I had to rush for another big order concurrently. Thank God, I'm really blessed to have all my family members' support in this homebased cake business.

Let's party!

The bride, Joanne has expressed her appreciation via our Flickr page:
We really love it ! And we think your work is even better then the picture that i have shown you, REALLY !!!

When we were asked on stage to cut the cake, we were like : " Gosh, do we have to ?!!! " It took us quiet some times to decide whether to really cut the cake or not, ha =P

Anyway, the party was over, and thanks to you, we had an unforgettable memory which will last a lifetime !!!

Thanks Joanne for the sweet comment!

Do you like to have your own unique and whimsical wedding cake as well?  Kindly drop us an email at mndcakes@gmail.com or call Amy at 017-4513293. Cheers!

15 March 2011

Boy's 2nd Birthday - Mickey Mouse & Barney Cake

It's Carlson - a two years old boy's birthday. His mom wanted something cartoonic, colourful and joyful for him. She named Mickey and Barney besides an aeroplane. Yes , sure...... :)

Here they are. Also, the little Carlson! How cute is he ya......do you know what is he playing with? An i Pad!

01 March 2011

A Pot Of Love For Winnie

Do you love Winnie The Pooh? This cake was made for a Winnie lover commissioned by her lover :) I let him wearing the blue T while the gf wore the usual red T. The cake was a carrot cake, quite tall, plus the 3" tall Winnie couple toppers, the whole cake was more than 6" in height!

A pot of love for the couple beside the hunny pot at the bottom. Hope this cake delivered the message the bf was trying to convey.


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