23 February 2011

Precious Moment Themed Wedding Cake In Penang

The bride loved Precious Moment dolls so much that she commissioned us to make her a Precious Moment themed wedding cake. She had asked for a replica of PM wedding dolls in sugar! Oops! It was so challenging, as you know, PM dolls are so precious, they are a form of arts!

Luckily Amy managed to do it and delivered the wedding cake  to Flamingo Hotel, Penang in time.

This is what Amy came out with. It took her two days to sculp the thing out with her magical fingers and tools of course.

Aren't they adorable?

The delicate work has indeed pushed Amy's modelling skill to another height.

The whole concept of the design is simplicity. So, nothing fancy, but a few purple tone roses and tiny blossoms to touch up the side of the cake. The pearl border of both tiers made an elegant fullstop to the cake.

Thanks for reading and hope you like it. Cheers~

P/S: If you'd like to have a customised wedding cake on your own special day, as long as your wedding is held in Penang or townships around the island, just contact Amy, she is more than happy to help you.

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