23 February 2011

Precious Moment Themed Wedding Cake In Penang

The bride loved Precious Moment dolls so much that she commissioned us to make her a Precious Moment themed wedding cake. She had asked for a replica of PM wedding dolls in sugar! Oops! It was so challenging, as you know, PM dolls are so precious, they are a form of arts!

Luckily Amy managed to do it and delivered the wedding cake  to Flamingo Hotel, Penang in time.

This is what Amy came out with. It took her two days to sculp the thing out with her magical fingers and tools of course.

Aren't they adorable?

The delicate work has indeed pushed Amy's modelling skill to another height.

The whole concept of the design is simplicity. So, nothing fancy, but a few purple tone roses and tiny blossoms to touch up the side of the cake. The pearl border of both tiers made an elegant fullstop to the cake.

Thanks for reading and hope you like it. Cheers~

P/S: If you'd like to have a customised wedding cake on your own special day, as long as your wedding is held in Penang or townships around the island, just contact Amy, she is more than happy to help you.

22 February 2011

Dad Is Fishing

It's Melanie's dad 60th birthday. I was commissioned a 2-tiered fishing and Nemo themed cake. Her dad loves fishing and gardening. After a few rounds of e-discussion with her, she decided to opt for the fishing theme. It was my task to make her dad 60th birthday cake into reality then. 

I had about a month long to think about the design. Besides the fishing dad, there would be 3 bunnies which represent the children to be included (requested by Melanie). Other than that, I would have to work on the details and how the bunnies were going to interrupt the dad, hehe......

It was really fun after the whole idea came into place. I just had to use my fingers to play the magic of sugar (fondant + gumpaste) then.

I love the colourful water world. Melanie kept asking me to make some fishes, especially Nemo. Oh, I love Nemo, surely no problem.

It was my pleasure to make this special cake for the dad's big day.  I was touched looking at the finished cake myself. How I wish my dad is still around......

08 February 2011

A Bowl Of Happiness

"Care to spend me a bowl of ramen? " No problem, but ramen in the form of cake, :)

I was given the freedom in design. So, I tried to create something different, something didn't look like a cake but within the budget. Ya, it can be quite costly if I let my imagination runs wild and try to realize it, hahaha!

Two doggies couldn't wait to get a taste of the noodle, hehe....

 "What? Sweet noodle?"

"No harm, it tastes good too!"

"Ya, ya, yum, yum..."

It's fun 'preparing the noodle', hopefully it spreads the happiness of the creator to all viewers besides the eaters. :)

05 February 2011

Kungfu Panda Cake

I'm here to present the most challenging cake that I've ever commissioned ----- The Kungfu Panda Cake. It's a three tiered cake topped with a huge Kungfu Panda and other masters figurines, including the Shifu, the crane, the snake and the tigeress.

I was sent a picture of similar cake done by a reknowned cake artist from Australia, Lorinda in fact. My mission is to replicate the cake exactly. It's a great challenge though I never like to copy others cakes. I could include all the figurines but I would twist the outlook of the cake such that it wouldn't look like the twin of the original cake. It's a way to show my respect to  the creator too.

So, here're the panda, snake and Shifu. Besides Kungfu Panda, the rest of the figurines were handcrafted entirely with sugarpaste.

As the panda is quite huge and standing up on one leg, I needed to make sure it's steadily positioned. So, I tried to apply skill learned online from Planet Cake, carving styrofoam into the shape of the panda figure! Mom helped to carve it in fact as I was tied up with other task. Great job, mom!
The Shifu Master in action.

The tigeress with the birthday message painted on sugar leave. It means "My sweet heart, happy birthday" generally.
Hey, here it is, the all mighty Kungfu Panda! How cool he is!

Mom and I were really excited with the result, so as the commissioner, :) Thanks for her trust and compliment! Really appreciate it.

04 February 2011

Red Heart With White Rose Hantaran Cake

She loved my earlier heart shaped cake in green and red tiny leaves. So, she asked me to do something similar to her but in red and white themed colour. Though it's a small cake, it was not easy to make it looked elegant and gorgeous. The cake was meant for her wedding betrothal gift (hantaran cake).

After a few nights of before-bed-thinking, suddenly an idea of red on red popping up. The rose has got to be white but something around it would be red. Yes, I made used of my lace mold made by Shahril of Cake Expression And Sugarcraft. It surely helped.

To add some bling-bling effect on the cake, I decided to paint gold rings (with edible gold sheen) around the rose petals and also added a few gold dragees on the lace.

I'm so pleased with the result. Hope the bride would like it too.


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