02 January 2011

3D Longevity Peach Cake For A Mom's Birthday

I call it longevity peach cake this time, direct translate from the Chinese words, 壽桃。After my first attempt, the request of the cake has been good.

This cake is commissioned by a lady for her mom. They returned from Australia after so long and reunite with her grandma. It's her mom's birthday on the first day of 2011. She planned to leave her mom and grandma a wonderful memory with the unique 3D longevity peach cake.

The mom is in pink cheongsam whilst the grandma in red cheongsam. All guys are in white suits. I use the mahjong tiles as a base to put up the birthday wish of longevity because the mom loves to play mahjong.

The mom and the grandma are both smiling sweet, :)

The daughter who ordered the cake from us. She is having her wedding here in Penang. Look at her hubby, how charming is he ya, hehe......

The dad and the brother. Both of them look equally smart in their white suits.

If you like to present your elder one a 3D longevity peach cake too, give me a call ya, :)

Happy New Year and wish you a safe and blessed 2011!

                                                        ~ Amy & Patsy 


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