26 December 2010

Santa Baby

Here I come, I'm the Santa baby, riding on my reindeer pet, across the snowy land.

Gordon's birthday falls on Christmas, how special, his mom has commissioned us the special birthday cake 2 months back. Finally, the day arrived and hope they have had an unforgettable birthday party to celebrate Gordon's 1st birthday.

Happy birthday and a very merry christmas to the family.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear readers, wish you a Merry Christams no matter where you are.

For those from Malaysia and this side of the world, so sorry, it is a belated wish, I was damn crazy for the past week till yesterday morning. Mom and I had to rush for 4 sets of cupcakes and cake on the Christams eve. Luckily, they were duely completed and safely reached the hands of our clients in the morning of Christmas.

Shown here are two Christmas themed cupcakes that we had done.

Stay tuned for the special birthday cake of the Santa baby. Merry Christmas!!

Doraemon Shower Cake

Doraemon, every kids like him. So do I, though I'm no more a kid.

I was asked to make a simple cake with Doraemon topper. As you know, I like to do something different each time with our cake commission. It would be quite boring if Doraemon were to stand on top of the cake. The client didn't really specify what she preferred. So, hahah......it was an opportunity for me to play around.

You know what had I come out with.

What about a shower session of Doraemon?

When I put up the cake picture earlier on our Facebook, it became a hit instantly. I received two similar inquiry the next day.

It was definately fun to have Doraemon in my handmade Japanese bath tub. :)

14 December 2010

Cow And Rabbit Couple

A very cute fondant cake with cow and rabbit toppers and side design commissioned by a young lady for her boy friend's birthday. She's the rabbit showering her love to the top and the cow is her boy friend.

Look at the cow, he loves football and is kicking them. Part of the design was suggested by the lady. You see, our clients can always give us the inspiration to make us better. :) Don't be afraid to tell us anything on your mind, we will guide you through to make your vision comes true.

Aren't the cow and the rabbit toppers adorable? *blush*

I love the rabbit particularly.

3D Helmet Cake And The Supercool Yamaha R6 Motorbike

A very special and meaningful order to us. Preeti, the girl friend commissioned me a set of black and white fashion themed cupcakes for her loved one simply to cheer him up few months back and now it's her boy friend's birthday, she asked for something special and unique, a 3D fondant cake this time.

I tried to find out what her boy friend liked or dreamed of and she finally made a decision to make him a Yamaha R6 motorbike. I suggested her to add a 3D helmet cake and a figurine of the birthday guy, Neash in biker's suit. She was more than happy to accept it.

Then, I started to get nervous, I made a 3D Chinese bun cake before but I have never made a 3D helmet cake. The shape is quite different and I need to dig a hole in it and fix a 'glass' in front. Also, the bike sculpting is not an easy task at all. I knew it as I found that the structure of a bike was much complicated than a car. I had some hard time sculpting three Ferraris before. :)

This was the challenge I had to face if I were to strive towards my dream of being a professional sugar artist. Yes, I know and eventually I came out with the final product as above. Though not perfect, I was quite happy with it. Preeti had been giving me the timely encouragement and confidence before the cake was sent out. I'm really thankful for her trust and kindness.

I sent the cake at midnight, exactly the start of her boy friend's birthday. The next day morning, I got an sms from Preeti......

Thank you so much for such a lovely cake amy :)  birthday boy was close to tears seeing it......U did a great job.. Thanks once again :)
You're most welcomed, Preeti. Your trust has  driven me to move a step further towards my dream. :) Thanks.

03 December 2010

Parent & Kid Cupcake Decorating Workshop- 18 December 2010

Still remember how fun was it when you taught your toddler to walk? How happy they were when you told them little stories before sleep? How long have you not been playing with your kid? These are the precious interaction moment between parent and kid. The chances are getting less when they grow up.

In conjuction with this school holidays, we'd be organizing a special Parent & Kid Cupcakes DIY Fun Workshop at Amy Cakes & Crafts Center, Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Grab this opportunity to have fun with your kid and leave both of you a precious memory besides exploring your kid's creativity via something not found in the classroom.

The details are as follows:

(Pic: For illustration only)

Date: 18 December 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Venue: Amy's Cakes & Crafts Center (Near BM Tesco)
Fees: RM50 (kid only) or RM90 (parent & kid).

* At the end of the workshop, your kid or both of you would bring back 4 pieces of decorated cupcakes each.
* A mystery gift would be given to participant with the best decorated cupcakes.
*  You don't have to bring anything other than your kid to have fun together :)

Limited pax available. So, please register early to avoid any disappointment.

For further enquiry, kindly contact:
Mom & Daughter Cakes
Email: mndcakes@gmail.com
Mobile: 017-4513293

Amy's Cakes & Crafts Center
Tel: 04-5305506


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