29 October 2010

First Competition - Sarawak Themed 4-Tiered Wedding Cake

I took part in a cake competition early this month to get some experience, to force myself to produce a big cake and to meet my cake decorating idol Debbie Brown ^.^  The cake competition was organized by International Centre Of Cake Artistry, ICCA in Kuala Lumpur.

I had no idea about what a cake competition was all about previously. It's indeed a prescious experiece for me as I learned about the dos and dons of a cake exhibit besides the winning points and causes of lost.

Arghhh...... my cake was being judged by 4 prestigious international judges - Eddie Spenser MBE and Debbie Brown from UK, Rose Wallace from USA and ICCA founder Rosalind Chan. How honoured was I, hehe......

Eddie said the cake was simple but gorgeous and both Eddie and Debbie kept appreciating the Sarawakian wedding couple and saying, "gorgeous......." That's what my brother told me. He helped me to take the photo while I was peeping from a higher floor, hehe......

However, Rosalind was quite uneasy with my bared cake board, I saw her knocking at the cake board when she approached my cake. Oh, I felt so ashamed of my lack of preparation. I should decorate all my cake boards in future! No more excuse!

I love them. They are the Sarawak hornbills. I was supposed to add more decoration around them but......(no excuse, no excuse......)

The cake topper was a pair of Sarawak aborigine, Orang Ulu's wedding couple. They were the biggest figurines I've ever made. The cake tiers were 5", 8", 10" and 12" in diameters with the top, 3rd and 4th tiers 4" in height while the 2nd tier 2" in height. I was delighted that I managed to tackle them though I faced some hard time covering the bottom tier, the largest I'd ever made, again! ^^

At the end, my cake was not selected though, I gained so much in term of cake decorating knowledge and courage to make big cakes and figurines! I know I can make big cakes now. Any order (the bigger, the merrier) ? Call me, call me! *grin*

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