10 October 2010

Basketball And Beer Lover

He loved basketball and beer. This two interests seemed to be quite different in nature. How to combine them in a single set of cupcakes? It was a challenge to me.

His girl friend was so nice to give me the freedom of design. No restriction at all. Eventually, these were what I came out with.

It was fun sculpting the bear, beer bottle and mug with bubbles, :)
The girl friend rang me up when she received the cupcakes at The Designer Store, Sunway Carnival Mall. She sounded excited, "wow! They look really unique, I love them very much! Thanks, thanks..."

Compliment is something unmeasurable with money. We appreciate it. Each and every compliment would help to drive us a step forward. Thanks! ^.^


  1. AMY!!!!! WOW!!! The bear looks fantastically, amazingly, totally, fubulosity! I know, I am screaming! I love it sooo much! Soooo adorable!

    Is it about time to send me some of these? Hehe!

  2. Hahah, Rylan, shall we exchange for your books? :) Thanks for your wonderful comments.

  3. hi hi ^^
    i like sumthing in this kind of design, can you quote me if i need these cup cakes in 'golf' & beer for our boss birthday.

  4. Hi, can you leave me your email? I shall email you the quotation. Thanks.

  5. hi hi ^^
    my email address is denisetsl@hotmail.com
    can you quote me the cup cakes in 'golf & beer' for our boss birthday. i can arrange to pick up from your address in BM as we are in Nibong Tebal.
    how minimum pcs to order and price per pc or total.


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